Cesàrea 2, Llafranc (Girona)


The story begins in the 1930, when the grandmother Enriqueta decides to buy a local near the beach of Llafranc and moves to the whole family of Palafrugell to live in Llafranc, his son, Narciso has 10 years old, when his mother decides to convert its premises in a modest hotel, the name that puts you is La Muntanya, the reason for the name is given, that behind its local is the mountain of Lighthouse of San Sebastian (in those days only saw, the view of the mountain!!).

It is a good cook and the Fonda becomes Hotel, altering the rooms and build another floor. Are beginning to see the first foreign tourists, which are becoming more numerous and fill hotels and beaches.

Narciso already has 29 years and is fully integrated into the hospitality, when the marry with the Pilar, built a ¨Night Club' in the basement of the Hotel, well known in his time. Buy a solar and built the Hotel Monte Carlo. His two sons Carles and Jose, who have grown in the world of the hospitality, the 3TH generation, now are responsible, of the two hotels in the family, (Hotel La Muntanya now a new built, and the Hotel Montecarlo).